Translation of technical manuals

Simultaneous translation - conference interpreting

Audiovisual and web page translation

Legal, commercial and business documents

Translation services of documents of almost the entire spectrum of subjects required by the market.

In a globalized world, in which good communication means success, providing information in multiple languages is the key to win and retain customers.

Translations carried out by sworn translators.
(contracts, certificates, etc.)
Commercial and business documentation
(balance sheets, financial reports, etc.)
Technical manuals
Power Point Presentations
Web sites
Oil and gas

Translation of screenplays, graphic arts texts.
Media (TV, film, and Visual Arts)
Medicine, psychology and psychoanalysis.
Tourism, sports.
Transcriptions, translations without script and subtitling.

Simultaneous translation or conference interpretation

What is simultaneous translation, also called conference interpretation?

It is called "simultaneous translation" or "simultaneous interpretation" to the act of
transmitting a message orally from one language to another (known as "source language"
and "target language"). The transmission is performed immediately. This means that you
are translating into the target language as the speaker is generating content in the language
of origin. The words interpreting and simultaneous translation are synonymous.

What are the different types of Interpretation?

The type of interpretation depends on the immediacy of the activity to develop. Among all
modalities, the best known are "simultaneous interpretation" and "consecutive
interpretation". In its simultaneous form, the translator interprets to the target language the
message of the speaker without interrupting him and from a booth. This message reaches
the audience through headphones. This type of interpretation is done in meetings and events
attended by many people. On the other hand, we have the "consecutive interpreting". In
this mode, the interpreter is located next to the speaker while it performs pauses in his
speech so that the translator can interpret. In this case cabins or hardware are not needed.
Another type of interpretation less well known is the so-called "whispering". It is a
technique used when there are one or two people that need interpretation within a group of
people. For example: a Protocol event with a single foreign guest. The translator sits beside
or behind the person and will whispered the message of the interlocutor.

What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter or simultaneous translator?

While translation and interpretation have many points in common, different skills are
required to develop them. Translation is written because it is always performed from a text.
To be a translator you should have broad skills of both languages, this will work to avoid
writing and sense errors and spelling mistakes. The translator usually has enough time to
analyze the subject and is able investigate the terminology used. During simultaneous
translation/interpretation, the content is transmitted orally and immediately. An
interpretation also requires absolute steering of two skills: the ability of hearing and
speaking skills (together with a good tone of voice).

What services do we offer?

Our interpreters are professionals trained and graduated. This means that they not only are
sworn translators but they also have been specialized and trained as simultaneous and
consecutive interpreters. Our interpreters are trained to interpret and have vast experience
in various subjects. It’s always recommended that the customer has the material of the
subject that is being treated at the event or meeting so the interpreter can be documented
and Attend the event with due preparation. The advantage of having such material is that,
depending on the theme of the meeting, highly technical terms are sometimes used, and it is
suitable for the interpreter to know them in advance.


We provide equipment for translation and simultaneous interpretation with excellence and
quality required by the marketplace.

• Infrared wireless systems for one or more languages.
• Acoustic enclosures according to international standards ISO 4043.
• Technical and highly trained room assistants.


• This system is recommended for tight spots, visits to plants and events with participation
of a limited number of attendees.
• The system is wireless and doesn't require installation of sound or cabins.


This portable cabin for two interpreters is very easy to set up and perfect for use in small
and medium-sized events. It has two organizers of cables (one on each side) that simplify
its accommodation. The difference with the fixed cabin commonly used is that this portable
cabin is not totally soundproof. It relies on a large desk and gives a 50 % insulation. It is an
ideal medium between an event requiring hours of previous Assembly and operators and a
simple system of portable interpretation as the microphones band where the interpreters sit
next to the speaker.


•• Reinforcement of word sound systems.
• Standard projections and projections HD from 3500 to 15000 ANSI LUMENS.
• Video conferencing standard and HD
• Web conference system
• LCD 32" and 40".
• Notebooks and Tablets Rental

Audiovisual translations

We offer transcription services, dubbing and subtitling of all kinds of files. The translation can be done from a script or directly from the audio. Audiovisual translation requires not only language and cultural knowledge, but also technical and for that we have specialists.

What audiovisual translation services do we provide?

• Transcription
•Subtitling: the service includes the process of transcription (in case script is not available),
translation, correction, timing and later burning in video, if the customer so requires.
• Dubbing: dubbing service covers the process of transcription (if script is not available),
translation, and adaptation for dubbing and recording in a professional Studio.

What kind of material do we work with?

• Documentary films and TV programs
• Corporate videos
• Film and TV scripts
• Advertising
•Educational videos
• Conferences
• Interviews
• Video games
• Focus groups

Alejandra Vuotto

Traductora técnico-científico-literaria.
Formada en el I.E.S.L.V. «Juan Ramón Fernández».
Miembro de la AATI (Asociación Argentina de Traductores e Intérpretes).

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